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Sealing made from compact rubber

Extruded rubber sealing made from compact rubber serves for sealing spaces against leakage of liquids or gases while simultaneously damping vibrations and acting as sound insulation. By using various rubber mixtures we are also able to manufacture sealing for demanding applications. The general range of temperatures is from -40 °C to + 100 °C. We make sealing from EPDM (weather resistant, resistant to UV radiation), NBR (resistant to oils), CR (non-flammable according to DIN 5510, part 2,... sealing for rail vehicles).

Sealing made from foam rubber

The convenience of sealing structural and building spaces using extruded profiled sealing is increased in many applications by the option of using foam rubber sealing, which can be soft, yielding and elastic as necessary and can have a relatively low weight even with large cross-sections. The general range of working temperatures is from – 40 °C up to + 100 °C and it also reliably serves in places where sealing made from compact rubber cannot be used. We make the sealing from EPDM or cut SBR / EPDM.

Self-adhesive rubber sealing

All the advantages of application of extruded rubber sealing made from compact or foam rubber are amplified by the added benefit of their simple installation. By use of contact glues with a separation layer we achieve easy manipulation with sealing during transport and installation. After removing the cover tape the sealing is glued by simply pressing the profile to the clean surface of the sealed component for a short time.

Product catalogue